City of Eastvale: Economic Development
BizSupport & Love Eastvale, Shop Eastvale Campaigns
Eastvale BizSupport Program During the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Eastvale launched Eastvale BizSupport for businesses to stay connected with the City's supportive efforts. For the sub-brand, I created a logomark, social media campaign, and eNewsletter header. I visually linked the program identity to the City brand by borrowing from the city's color palette and mosaic pattern while creating a distinct logomark/text composition. The three triangles in the logomark are angled in an upward trajectory alluding to uplifting businesses. Each triangle hangs at a different height representing the periods of time before, during, and after a struggle, with the highest triangle representing achievement in the final stage. The shapes move through a mosaic ring symbolizing "opening another door/window".
Love Eastvale, Shop Eastvale Campaign was created as a shop local campaign for the City of Eastvale. I created illustrations that focussed on whimsy and delight to encourage audiences to feel excitement and joy at the opportunity of supporting their community. Illustrations featured small business people within the City.